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Strike Force Heroes 3


[WASD] or [↑ ↓ ← →] to control movement, jumping and squats, [left mouse button] shooting, [Q] or [Shift] to switch weapons, [E] call the machine, [P] to pause.


Strike Force Heroes 3

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How To Start

Finished loading click twice Play, then click SELECT SQUAD, then click START MISSION to start the game.

Strike Force Heroes 3 Intro

New story, new levels, more powerful weapons, as well as new characters, players do not need to buy weapons, after the completion of the task will be randomized to receive, a new battle, and quickly enter the game to experience it. Tip After completing the first level, the player can click on the upper left corner of the HEROS hire more teammates, as well as weaponry, and upgrading the characters.


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