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Sniper Team 2


[Left mouse button] to aim and shoot; [1] [Dot5] [4] to switch snipers; [Space] Open sniper; [Q] filling ammunition; [E] super weapon; [X] to quickly open the sniper; [P ] time out


Sniper Team 2

Category´╝Ü Shooting Size:27.81MB Tags: Commando Gun

How To Start

Game is loaded click START GAME - Click NEXT - After selecting characters weapon upgrades Click START to start the game

Sniper Team 2 Intro

Spike sniper elite 2: The new task has been issued, the battle only Xu Shengli not fail! There are an elite army squad, called Spike special forces, the team consisting of four persons, each person is different division, famous elite force to let the enemy tremble with fear. Now there is a particularly urgent need for them to complete the task, the operation codenamed Falcon called action, the goal is to resist the terrorist organization, destroy their leader, square in the middle of missiles to protect it! Are you ready to join this Spike special forces do? Daunting task awaits you finish!


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I will like in my Sniper Team 2. I God in my sniper Team is the Tamet

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