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SAS Zombie Assault 3


[WASD] or [↑ ↓ ← →] to move [left mouse button] button mouse to aim shoot, [Space] to open the backpack, [F] to repair the damaged fence, [R] bullet, [Q] [E] switch Weapons, [G] [C] [H] throw different types of grenades.


SAS Zombie Assault 3

Category: Shooting Size:5.28MB Tags: Zombie Commando

How To Start

Click PLAY, has points NEXT, select the game mode and level to start the game click on START GAME.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 Intro

Department of Zombie Assault series 3, adding a lot of new weapons, level design is more refined, expanded game scene, is no longer simply a room, but you can walk through the house in the lot. A greater range of games, the game difficulty is higher, in addition to adding a variety of grenades, do not miss it! Zombie surrounded by a large number of SAS (British Special Air Force) member, he was forced into a room, relying on the fence, and their weapons, to resist large Zombie invasion, he can live up to last you? Come and help him!


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would be very nice if you place in game chat in co-op mode
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fps drop every time you move
it wont load.
Only missing able to login and keep cash and be able to buy premium guns. otherwise cool
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jaja buen juego y es mejor hackeado jaja
how do you get rid of the fps?
the worst game
its cool to me bitches
This is great if u wanna stand there and shoot as a living turret. u can't move without the game lagging like shit... so yes actually very good i liked it exept the movement part. the fps dropped harder than hiroshima jesus... also like 99 out of 100 time

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