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Road of the Dead 2


[WASD] to control movement, [left mouse button] shooting, [R] loading ammunition, [1] / [2] or [Q] / [E] to switch weapons, press twice [Shift] to switch drivers, [F] Ming flute, [Space] U-turn / trigger event


Road of the Dead 2

Category´╝Ü Shooting Size:42.7 MB Tags: Zombie Bloody Violence

How To Start

Click on the top right corner finished loading Click to Play, then click OK, then click SKIP, selection mode, and then click on the screen to start the game (note that the game is very large, it may take longer to load, please be patient.)

Road of the Dead 2 Intro

A popular Zombie game, after a lapse of several years, Classic sequel finally born, the player with more game modes, more crazy game screen, the more interesting challenges, mini-games like Zombie friends do not miss out . Game, the whole world was spread biological virus, Zombie outbreak, two fighting soldiers survived, but now they have to continue to flee career, the player's task is to help them to drive a car to escape, destroy Zombie, avoid obstacles and make may long survive.


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