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Remodel Racing


[↑] [↓] forward and back; [←] [→] to control the center of gravity; [Space] to jump;


Remodel Racing

Category: Racing Size:9.51MB Tags: Hacked

How To Start

Game is loaded click START GAME - click PLAY - then click LETS RACE - then click on the A TAKEDOWN - after clicking GOT IT - Finally, click to start the game IM READY

Remodel Racing Intro

Violence ultimate racing Hacked: Hacked in to add more money to buy upgrades. A very fun racing game on the narrow track want to go beyond your opponent, would run over the opponent's car. Every game are likely to make your car scarred, but as long as you get good grades in the course of the game will get a lot of bonuses, you can put the car playing their favorite Mo Yang - a very interesting game absolutely must play Auburn!


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