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Raze 3


[WASD] or [↑ ↓ ← →] to control movement, [Space] to jump, [left mouse button] shooting, [Q] [E] or [1] to [7] to switch weapons, [F] / [Ctrl] use weapons, [P] to pause.


Raze 3

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How To Start

Loading complete the selection to the right of Local Save, then click Continue, select the mode, then select the checkpoint, then click START to start the game.

Raze 3 Intro

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As armors games game masterpiece, from the Raze 1 began to be sought after by the majority of players and love, in the Raze 3, the game team brought us a new story, new levels, more powerful weapons, aliens and zombies and other new elements, so what come and experience this one epic works!



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