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Plants vs Zombies


[Mouse Left] mouse clicks. [4] can be kind of the whole seed, [5] to generate bonuses, [6] free plants, [,] on a pass, [.] To the next level, [/] to generate the next wave. [Z] to generate ordinary zombies, [S] generated iron zombies, [N] generated red zombies, [F] generation football zombies, [B] generated baseball zombie, [C] generated drum zombies, [P] Pole Vault Zombie, [G] generated gravity zombie, [U] open all modes.


Plants vs Zombies

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How To Start

After the game has finished loading, click CLICK TO START → START ADVENTURE, you can enter the game.

Plants vs Zombies Intro

Please enter a more detailed description of this topic Plants vs Zombie Plants vs Zombie is a modified version, and adds some key features of cheating, cheating features two off before the game is not very clear, there will be a white screen when loading phenomenon, please be patient . Plants vs Zombie, a seemingly simple but rich in strategic TD class game content game is terrible Zombie about to invade your family, your only defense is the way to grow plants to defend. In this little game, we have to keep collecting sunlight to grow more piranha, you will get constantly upgrade other flowers card, then you can grow more and more powerful plants to protect your family, Of course they are not Dengxianzhibei Zombie, behind a plant depends on how you layout. Plants vs Zombie is a very good RTS game, the player's reaction It also requires wisdom and cerebellum of the brain. Wisdom and basic reaction is difficult to change, where I called the qualifications of these two conditions, the better qualified players, technology upgrading faster.


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