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Paintball Racers


[↑] [↓] moves back and forth [←] [→] to control the center of gravity [Space] emission paintball [X] jump [Z] to accelerate


Paintball Racers

Category: Racing Size:10.13MB

How To Start

Game is loaded click PLAY NOW - Click START - Click NEW GAME - Click LEVEL 1 - click the >> button after selecting the button three times to start the game

Paintball Racers Intro

My hand is a paintball, shooting ability and strong! Where is heard singing, the original color Danfei rider step-kun. In order to compete for territory kitchen, step-kun issued a challenge to the drivers and the brightest, they want to start a chaos in the kitchen bucket! Exciting game would be opened, relax tense mood, join now! Tip: the first four points off must be unlocked by Samsung after the completion of the $ button to select the level you can click to upgrade the car.


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