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Ninja And Blind Girl 2


[Mouse Left] mouse operation;


Ninja And Blind Girl 2

Category´╝Ü Strategy Size:5.72MB Tags: Ninja Hacked

How To Start

After the game finished loading click PLAY NOW - click NEW GAME - then click on skip - then click to select the level to start a game

Ninja And Blind Girl 2 Intro

Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Revision: reduced time skills, upgrade adds new levels of gold, a new challenge!! In Ninja world, following the clearance of blood is the secret weapon of every country, to maintain the integrity of blood following the clearance and uniqueness of every village Ninja need to complete the task. A small village appeared endure very powerful blood following clearance property! Unlike Tongshu, Blind Girl Ninja has a very large perception ability to attack! States have sent Ninja forbearance Village to grab! Your task is to protect Blind Girl Ninja! Following the clearance of blood to protect the village!


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