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Moshi Monsters Mosh Fling


[Left mouse button] to move the mouse to control the angle and intensity, left-click launch. In the air when the bomb detonated so that you can click to move forward role;


Moshi Monsters Mosh Fling

Category´╝Ü Action Size:6.68MB Tags: monster

How To Start

Game is loaded click play - then click three times to start the next game

Moshi Monsters Mosh Fling Intro

Hairs strange to live in a small village, has been peaceful here, but one day driving a spaceship weird Dr. plunder of its most precious treasures, in order to regain their own things, strange hairs produced a transmitter, hoping to catch up with this device Dr. grotesque, back their own treasures. The game has a lot of upgrading equipment, cute pictures, worth playing Oh!


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