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Madness hydraulic


1 Keyboard: [A] Shot, [S] Jump, [D] picking weapons, [←] [→] to move around, [↑] [↓] aim. 2 mouse:. [W] to jump, [S] picking up weapons, [A] [D] move [left mouse button] to aim and shoot.


Madness hydraulic

Category: Soldier Size:17.47 MB

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Madness hydraulic Intro

Crazy Warrior Madness series, action smooth, crisp results, the typical European and American animation style. This game is to operate a special player to complete the wave after wave of soldiers fighting game set in upgrade mode warrior, fighting the process a little bit of Bloody Violence, for entertainment, not imitate! Have fun! After the completion of each wave, click BEGIN NEXT WAVE start the next wave of fighting. Upgrade button above the button for the game, can be set (it takes money)


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