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LotR & Hobbit Scene Maker


[Mouse Left] mouse. Click on the bottom left of the + sign to select a variety of ethnic characters, male and female, oh, select and click on EDIT below began to dress the characters, click or drag the items to dress up the character make-up, click on the arrow in the lower right corner to the next step. Press VIEW to return, according BACKGROUND switch background.


LotR & Hobbit Scene Maker

Category´╝Ü Dress up Size:12.95MB

How To Start

Start the game directly.

LotR & Hobbit Scene Maker Intro

People are full of "Lord of the Rings" series, Dress Up Games, this time there are people of all races, hobbits, elves, etc. as well, clothing is relatively simple, but very full accessories, weapons and a lot of it, do not miss a.


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