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Legend Of Korra Dark Into Light


[Mouse Left] attacks; [A] [D] Move / sprint; [W] jump


Legend Of Korra Dark Into Light

Category´╝Ü Adventure Size:51.4 MB Tags: Anime

How To Start

Game is loaded click on PLAY - then click PLAY THE GAME - then select the level - then click PLAY to start the game

Legend Of Korra Dark Into Light Intro

Light Dark Kola legend: According to the US hit an Anime "Avatar" adaptation of the game. Games and Anime, like the story of a teenager in safeguarding world peace, against the fire tribe invaded story. Game you will become who have divine Avatar, the beginning you can not familiar with your skills, you need to constantly battle to stimulate your body's instinct, which stimulate your inner strength. Although the game screen is very good, but the game itself is the lack of interest. Off the top three skills too, simply repeat the operation, slightly boring, but later in the game as you enrich their skills, the game's charm will gradually reflected. The game does not belong to the kind of fast-food-style game, more like a feast, like adventure game players, and slowly savor it "delicious" it!


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