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Lair-Y Defense


[Mouse Left]: target shooting; [Space]: door flapping; [1] [2] [3] [4]: ​​weapon switch;


Lair-Y Defense

Category: Strategy Size:6.53 MB Tags: Alien

How To Start

Click [START] began Guardian

Lair-Y Defense Intro

Alien Defense game: a group of Alien quietly came to Earth, in an abandoned house in the camp how it intends to settle on Earth, because the matter is urgent, Secretary of Defense under the command immediately attacked houses inhabited by Alien, Alien resist! Alien is actually very friendly, and you want to help stop the army Alien attack before the end of this interplanetary dispute Oh! The game can upgrade your weapons, buy the corresponding function, it is interesting to be in the hands of a clever arrangement of money to buy weapons upgrades.


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