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Labyrinth iXi


[WASD] to move, mouse to aim and shoot left, [Space] fort shooting, [1] [2] [3] [4] The use of props equipment, [Tab] to open the Task menu.


Labyrinth iXi

Category´╝Ü War Size:9.79 MB Tags: Alien

How To Start

Click PLAY, click NEW CAMPAIGN, select the difficulty (NORMAL or HARD), click SKIP, click CLOSE to start the game.

Labyrinth iXi Intro

Galaxy chariot, a super cool scene full sense of the interstellar galactic chariot game, you will play a soldier space station, driving a chariot to destroy the Galactic Alien, pay attention to is the need to conserve ammunition, and run out of words only depot to buy this game not only test your shooting skills, but also test your driving skills, come try it! Driving the chariot to complete a specific task to destroy the alien enemy and win the final victory of it!


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