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Jim Loves Mary 2


Jim: [WASD] to control the little boy moving and jumping; [R] Replay Mary: [↑ ↓ ← →] to control the little girl moving and jumping; Game, boys and girls have their own characteristics, the boy jumping ability is great, no matter how high the peak can be jumped on! The girl is a soft figure, then the shortest path can line slowly.


Jim Loves Mary 2

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How To Start

Game loaded, click on the play - then click play game - after clicking skip - the final choice of the level to start the game

Jim Loves Mary 2 Intro

Remember the one with Mary Jim parents putting obstruction, through elopement parents finally got recognition. Mary's mother did not expect or dislike poor Jim, she climbed on to another marriage. Chance that Mary, heartbroken. So be prepared to leave this place with Jim, happy life.


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