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Infectonator 2


[Mouse Left]: mouse, [↑ ↓ ← →] / [WASD]: control perspective, [Z]: View the entire map, [X]: return to the normal perspective, [Esc]: Go to the Options box, [O] : Viewing items column, [1] to [4]: ​​Special Summon Zombie, [5] - [8]: the use of props, +, - acceleration or deceleration.


Infectonator 2

Category: Strategy Size:6.9 MB Tags: Zombie Hacked Pixel

How To Start

Click OK, then click Start, then select NEW GAME LOCAL SAVES under the right side, enter the name of the Click OK, and finally click on the screen to start the game.

Infectonator 2 Intro

Spread of the virus 2Hacked, increase consumption of money into a money, money the more you use, the more you come to create a Zombie Corps, spread of the virus it! This is a theme Pixel Zombie strategy game, is the second part of the series spread of the virus, the ministry added more elements of the game, a variety of interesting characters, numerous maps, a variety of upgrades. Game, players have to the right place in the crowd put Zombie mutant virus, infect all humans will be able to successfully cross the border, and then continue the upgrade purchase props, powerful Zombie will be center stage, surrounded by Zombie humans have it!


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