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Incubus Pulsum


[↑ ↓ ← →] to select the direction of the hammer, square direction to press both arrow keys to select. [A] hammering


Incubus Pulsum

Category: Other Size:10.68 MB Tags: monster

How To Start

PLAY start, SKIP to skip, PLAY again, and then select the first difficulty, point GO starts.

Incubus Pulsum Intro

Alien big devil take advantage of the little boy to sleep, wanted by the little boy's nightmare to invade Earth, sent a lot of nightmare monster. Fortunately, there are organ guard the entrance of the dream, you have to control the use of these organs to defeat all the attacking monster, oh. This is a challenging and addictive game, the rules seem simple, but the beginning of a novice would rush stays but a few seconds. But after you try a few times, you'll really enjoy this stimulus flexible challenge game. Bibi to how many points you can play?


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