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Illegal Drive Frenzy


[↑] [↓] forward and back; [←] [→] to control the center of gravity; [Space] acceleration; [X] brakes


Illegal Drive Frenzy

Category: Racing Size:5.07MB Tags: Hacked

How To Start

Game is loaded click twice PLAY - then click on the level 1 - Finally, click X to start the game

Illegal Drive Frenzy Intro

Circuit City Hacked: Hacked by pressing a key racing invincible, press 2 NOS unlimited, press 3 to increase the money, press 4 to win the next level. With the construction of the city, the population surge, the pressure of work, roads are so gives the feeling of suffocation. So, you decide to drive alternative. Break some rules, crazy driving. Good car can not do without a good driver, the game is very much the obstacles on the road, and some alternative road is open to the office, oh, experts in the private sector, what are you waiting for? You are what we are looking for the driver.


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