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Horde Siege


[Click the left mouse button and slide] mouse


Horde Siege

Category´╝Ü Shooting Size:11.56MB

How To Start

After the game is loaded click on PLAY - click START - to start the game and then click SKIP

Horde Siege Intro

Shenjian isolated city is a very fun little game, the castle, originally a brilliant renegade generals become a siege of the castle, he did not belong to occupy his territory, in the face of the enemy invasion, you must pick up their weapons and fight evil, you have to stick to repel the enemy castle 25 days, waiting for the arrival of reinforcements. Heroic warrior, quick pick up your bow and arrow, shooting oncoming enemies, do not forget to upgrade your weapons and use the extra firepower garrison, this thrilling war can be won only the king, Come prove yourself ~


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