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Flying Castle


left mouse button attack, A to meet the enemy, S Shop, Z X skills.


Flying Castle

Category´╝Ü Quest Size:2.11MB Tags: Fantasy

How To Start

Game is loaded click Skip to skip the animation - and then click the play button - and then click Local Save - click Slot1 New Game - Finally, click to select the level of difficulty to start the game 1

Flying Castle Intro

King's kingdom destroyed, lucky princess ride magical flying castle escaped, little monsters chase, the key moment, the princess castle flight fails, she must stop and let the castle re-flight repair the castle to escape pursuit, seeing little monsters will catch up, and critical juncture, he appeared in front of a warrior princess, in order to protect the princess castle flight successfully repaired, warriors fought a bloody war, to defend the princess, what the fate of the Princess how? Let's go find the answer in the game!


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