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Flakboy 2


[Left mouse button] operation


Flakboy 2

Category´╝Ü Violence Size:5.02 MB Tags: Alien

How To Start

After the game has finished loading, please wait patiently screen jump, click on the "stand-alone and continue the game" and then click "Start Game", select NORMAL, then select the leftmost blank into teaching points, first suggested the players play according to the teaching ~

Flakboy 2 Intro

"Torture Alien" series of the second Chinese version, also known as durable kid. The picture is more sophisticated, increase the number of weapons and bodies Bloody Violence, playability greatly increased. Humans caught a Alien, Alien scientists who do this to prepare a series of anti-damage experiments. Alien scientists in this room put the bombs, mines, artillery and other hazardous materials, and then duck to scare Alien. Alien was scared when stepped on mines, it will blown, then trigger a series of successive organ weapons. But Alien is very durable, no matter how deep-fried are not kill him, has hurt the value of each level, you will be able to cross the border as long as the damage value reached, there will be a more powerful weapon appears after clearance. Let you try, see if you can cause much damage to him.


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