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Epic Ninja 2


[WASD] or [↑ ↓ ← →] (there may be other keys, according to the interface prompts)


Epic Ninja 2

Category: Fighting Size:6.89 MB Tags: Ninja

How To Start

Click play in the middle picture below (relatively secretive, look carefully), press the space bar, click on the story, click on the bottom right corner next message box, click on the play, to start the game

Epic Ninja 2 Intro

Bloody, sinister, just Stickman violence to slightly! A quick action game --NinjaStickman2. The game is very, very quick test of your ability, because the game will suddenly prompt you the keys, if you press the belated, it will die, mouths deadly, extremely thrilling. If you're on your own ability to respond quickly enough self-confidence, then come challenge you! My confidence has been hit over, oh good tragedy. Now take a look at your sagacity! Come on!


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