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Epic Battle Fantasy 4


[Mouse Left] mouse click control character movement, click on the bottom of the screen to open the items Items column, click Skills can learn skills, click Equips character can equip, click Map to view a map, etc. operations; [↑ ↓ ← →] or [WASD ] to move the game to switch the mouse or keyboard through OPTION


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Category: RPG Size:31.09MB Tags: Fantasy

How To Start

After the game finished loading click play, then click new game to start the game

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Intro

Fantasy Battle 4 official Chinese version: Chinese game, the game is more fun. The latest battle for the dream, always turn the class role-playing game, in a new adventure, and added more than 120 kinds of monster you fight, the game there is a wealth of equipment systems, the number of up to 140 species, 130 more different spells and mix of skills to bring you refreshing combat experience and a wealth of fun games, like role-playing friends, absolutely not to be missed!


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