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Dream tower


[←] [→]: move around; [↑]: jump / door; [↓]: Squat / enter cannon;


Dream tower

Category: Other Size:1.73 MB Tags: Hacked Pixel

How To Start

Game is loaded click on PLAY - and then select the level 1 to start the game.

Dream tower Intro

Jigglypuff dream tower Hacked games: kitten's life unlimited, no longer afraid of any mobs! This is a dream tower Jigglypuff adventure game, Jigglypuff into the dream tower, collect treasure, defeat the enemy, friend rescued and eventually get to the top star of the removal of a dream. The game uses a rotary lens, so that the dream of the tower has more three-dimensional, time to play with Jigglypuff lens will move and rotate very interesting, we come to experience the feeling of a new game! Rescue companion jump to the top of the cage, and then press [↓] to step on broken cage, the little monster inside the game can jump on its head to get rid of it, but the bigger monster or step on his shield is immortal, be careful that you The value of life, if you will lose all GAME OVER.


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