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Decision 2


[WASD] to control movement, [left mouse button] shooting, [R] to reload bullets, [Space] to stop in place (in favor of accurate shooting) (Note: the game is large, it may take longer to load, please be patient)


Decision 2

Category´╝Ü Shooting Size:28.36MB Tags: Zombie

How To Start

Finished loading click [start the game], select the archive, then click [Skip] to start the game

Decision 2 Intro

Blood Night kill Zombie2 Chinese version of the English name is Decision 2, a very good shooting game, which is the Chinese version of the second part of the series, players can now more easily understand the game instructions to make the game more interesting, like the Friends Come and play with it. Game, due to virus infection, Zombie raged throughout the city, the army is ready to make a big sweeping city, destroy all Zombie, players will be saved as a survivor of the army, and now you decide to stay and help the army to destroy Zombie, so Zombie Massacre launched a war again, this is a pretty awesome Zombie game, like a friend Come and challenge it!


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