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How To Start

Finished loading Click NEXT, then click Play, select any NEW GAME, then click ACCEPT, enter a nickname click NEXT, then select the checkpoint, click Play, and then click on the NEXT, and finally click X to start the game.

Crazycle Intro

This is a place in the story of the city, a group of day and night to live the lives of two very different - "New Urban Cowboy" their story. In this city which has an underground motorcycle sports club, in this club, the day of those living in the world of white-collar people, take off his tie, take off the suit, his life began to challenge the limits of different kind of life. And no doubt, as the club leader, you are the strongest, but also invincible, so you and was known as the "king of the motorcycle." But some people but then eyeing your position in this dark street, a bloody inevitably will burst.

Tip: This is a stunt-based games, watch videos of stunts to pass through the front (black screen) to quickly find the key point clearance.


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