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Commando assault


[WASD] moves, [E] to switch weapons, [left mouse button] button to shoot, [S] squat, press twice to switch to jump off the side, [Space] to send troops.


Commando assault

Category´╝Ü Metal slug Size:12.6 MB Tags: Hacked

How To Start

Click PLAY to enter the game, and enter a name and select the role and click OK to start the game.

Commando assault Intro

This is a crazy version, the characters invincible, unlimited money and bullets, you can choose to enjoy yifudangguan Zest can also take human wave tactics, with the soldier pile bitter rival, come try it! Metal Slug series of special showdown. Our Commando return from the battlefield after Asia, and into a fierce battle in the fortress. This time, the two sides according to the last bastion of defense, engaged in a fierce mutual exchange that. There are five game points available for the challenge, intense fighting, a variety of weapons, new battle modes, all in all Zest Metal Slug - Special showdown!


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