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Combat Tournament Legends


Single mode: [←] [→] to control movement; [↓] squat; [Space] to jump; [A] attacks; [S] big move; [D] to escape (with the arrow keys required); [P] Pause Double mode: [Player 1]: [A] [D] to control movement; [S] squat; [G] attacks; [H] big move; [J] escape; [Space] to jump [Player 2]: [← ] [→] to control movement; [↓] squat; [L] attacks; [Dot3] big move; [Dot4] escape; [Ctrl] jump


Combat Tournament Legends

Category: Fighting Size:10.38 MB Tags: Stickman

How To Start

Click play, click on any of the selected mode story mode (story mode), VS mode (Battle Mode), click select difficulty, choose character, choose the level, you can start the game

Combat Tournament Legends Intro

Stickman New Year to force it to make --Stickman ultimate showdown. This is a fighting game, Stickman fighting to survive in the field, to fight to the bitter end, Face stunt them what kind of result? Come learn a skill them! Very praise a fighting game, not just the music is very commendable, but even strokes are very beautiful movements, as well as the camera zooms in from time to time, so you always retain the blood of the spirit, come to challenge you!


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goood game

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