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Classroom teacher three Chinese cruel


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Classroom teacher three Chinese cruel

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Classroom teacher three Chinese cruel Intro

The most hated math class, math teacher to menopause, old love angry, we exactly him! Naughty student Hooray! Raiders: First off: Press the podium chair, according to the floor, then take advantage of the teachers do not pay attention map by the chair. According to the book bag, in the menu click on the book into a ball of paper, then take advantage of the teachers do not pay attention, according to a ball of paper, according to the teacher. Then press the front of the boy's shoes, and then according to their own, while the teacher was not looking, click on the second shoe off: according to their own pencil case, click on the menu that thing (and I do not know what ==) point podium globe. Point your own bags pepper, a little girl's pencil case next to get bread, bread clicking pepper and then click, and then click to that super fat boy. Just click on the little boy's super fat pen, click on the menu to get that pen, drink that stuff podium chair beside the point, click on the teacher's bag, click on to get something, and then press to give yourself a little girl next most in front of the little girl, waiting for the teacher walked beside the chair. Third off: Press the podium correction fluid, correction fluid, click in the menu, click on the blackboard painting, by painting the menu where the correction fluid applied to stucco, stucco podium spot, point blackboard chalk point, according to the menu chalk , according to the board. Rubber, rubber-point menu click on the little girl in the front left of the little girl, the point of the window bird feathers point, point his hand. Click the white-haired girl's book, click on the bulletin board of the paper, click on the menu of all things, point second paper airplanes, paper airplanes click menu, while the teacher was not looking, click on teacher


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