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Classroom cruel teacher 2 Chinese version


[Mouse Left] mouse.


Classroom cruel teacher 2 Chinese version

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How To Start

Click "start" to start the game.

Classroom cruel teacher 2 Chinese version Intro

Tricky Part II classroom teacher, chemistry failed the exam, to be notified parents and teachers, and now pain in the ass is still too! Bible teacher is simply ah! Treat yourself to the point the fun of it! Bully the teacher! Raiders: 1, open the windows above, there is a bird, take the following rope after rope point, point the girls in green, purple boys last point, let the teacher stumble through. 2, bottle, bottle-point dot pink clothing bags beside the boys, and then point to powder coat boys, put the bottle to the boys in blue, points out the window of a chameleon, put the bottle back, point the boys in blue, purple and then point the boys, bottles will spread purple guy at the point of female teachers in the hands of the pointer, and then point chameleon bottle clearance. 3 points below the blackboard blue pushpin, thumbtack point, point the girls in green, and then point down in green girls, boys clothes pink dot, the pushpin to him, and then point to the next powder coat boys, the boys in blue point, continue pass thumbtack. Then point the boys in blue will be thrown into the thumbtacks on the chair, so the teacher sit down, cross the border. 4, after the point on the ground mirror, mirror point, and then point the girls in green, purple spot boys, let mirror shine female teachers chest pass. On 5 students table on blue paper, after collecting four, ice cream white mesh group cue points on the ground, bottle green, pink bottle in front of boys clothes, purple guy to the right of the rope, the upper left corner bulletin board purple stuff, girls in green to the left of the green stuff, and then point cross below the blackboard, the last thing all seven points again, after a combination of the above into a chair, and other female teachers sit down, cross the border.


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