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Break The Worm


[↑ ↓ ← →] to move; [Z] attacks; [X] jump; [C] switch special attack; [Space] special attack


Break The Worm

Category: Adventure Size:4.67MB Tags: Finn Adventure Time

How To Start

Game is loaded click play - and then select the level - after clicking continue forward end - and then close the dialog box to start the game

Break The Worm Intro

Jack and rubber dog fight caterpillars: monster island fiery red squares three strikes, lovely to burst oh. This clown adventure expedition, people are always thrilling smile again, this time they actually broke into the dream, where Bao is their king, and Bao do not even know they are in a dream, he asked Queen What happened? So Mr. Biscuits Queen told him that it was his dream, but in order to get out of here, we must find a caterpillar and defeat it, Bao suddenly, and is determined to defeat the caterpillars go immediately.


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