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Bow chief 2


[Click the left mouse button slide] mouse drag to adjust the angle and intensity of the bow


Bow chief 2

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How To Start

Click on START. Select mode: "CAMPAIGN" Challenge Mode, "SHARPSHOOTING" shoot stuff, "PLAYER VS PLAYER" double screen mode.

Bow chief 2 Intro

The game tells the protagonist bandits kidnapped beloved woman, he needs to use a bow and arrow to shoot the way to defeat the enemy one by one to rescue lover. Archer vs. 2, screen style changed some, so clearly a lot during the game. In addition to the original single-player mode and Two Player mode, adds a fun shoot the apple game mode, the goal of each level is Apple, but the difficulty will be getting higher and higher, more and more will be hindered. Archery simulation mode of operation. Tap and hold the mouse button to move to the left, adjust the direction and intensity of the fire.


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