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Asgard Attack


left mouse button operation, Right control movement, A button to force attack , Q , W , E , R button to select the character, Ctrl + number keys formations, Shift + number keys to add character to the team.


Asgard Attack

Category´╝Ü Strategy Size:21.91MB Tags: Defense

How To Start

Click twice finished loading Play, select any archive, and click GO to start the game.

Asgard Attack Intro

Tip: different tasks in different attacks on property, and select the person in the course of the fighting, click the icon below after upgrading can be upgraded;

Click the icon in the lower right corner to use special skills;

after clearance to return to the map screen, the construction of various buildings, increase defense soldiers of various properties.

A very interesting class war strategy game. Game, in that distant marginal there is a God domain territory, the gods of heaven, but the day of evil goblins suddenly struck, the domain of God territory facing survival crisis, and quickly call your heavenly days, to resist the invasion of the enemy, and then continue the expansion of the domain of God territory, make you more powerful strength, complete elimination of the invaders!



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