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10 more bullets


Single mode: [left mouse button] Left-click or [Space] shooting. Double mode: 1P with [X] shooting, 2P with [K] shooting.


10 more bullets

Category´╝Ü Other Size:5.18MB Tags: Two Player Pixel

How To Start

Click ARCADE or 2PLAYERS start the game.

10 more bullets Intro

Limit you hit 10 cannon enhanced version adds Two Player mode, the game appears to be very simple, but when you dig up when playing, you will find its unique charm Oh! Ten rounds, seems like a strange name, but a good interpretation of the game content and gameplay, you need to control the fort fired bullets flying through the air to destroy aircraft, although each game only 10 rounds fort, but when you wreck After the aircraft will chain out more bullets on the screen when the plane a lot of time, you will be able to experience the bullet chain of N rounds the pleasure!


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fricking boring

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